About the book

Snow & Spire showcases photographs taken from the cockpit of the author’s home-built airplane. In 2002, John Scurlock embarked on a nine-year quest to fly to and photograph every corner of Washington State’s North Cascade Range in winter. The images he captured provide a breathtaking vision of one of America’s most magnificent mountain ranges in its most beautiful, dramatic, and savage season.

This coffee table book is sure to be a focal point of interest in your living room. Color photos adorn almost every page, and the mountains almost appear life-like. Sections on history and geology provide interest, as well as interviews and essays about climbing in the Cascades. Photographs are organized geographically, and exact locations are provided, along with date, time, and camera detail.

Whether you are a climber looking for a view of that special angle on a ridge that you’re interested in, or just want a beautiful tour of a jagged mountain range in winter, this book is sure to entertain.

About the author

John Scurlock is an aerial photographer, specializing in mountain photography. His work has been commissioned by the USGS and universities for projects such as capturing changing snow cover and forest kill. An interesting interview appears in a 2008 Alpinist.com article.

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  • Snow & Spire
  • 2011 Wolverine Publishing
  • by John Scurlock
  • 192 full-color pages
  • 9780982615478

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