About the book

The New River Gorge National Park and Preserve is the newest destination on the East Coast national park tour. It’s also one of the worthiest, with dramatic scenery and so much for visitors to do. Local-born author Amanda Ashley knows the area intimately, and has put together an indispensable guidebook for anyone visiting the New River Gorge National Park. Robert Legg’s colorful photography illustrates the beautiful, fun, and informative guide.

Looking for a a relaxed day in town, or a thrilling whitewater raft trip? A hike to a beautiful overlook or a driving tour to a historic mining town? This guide has you covered no matter how much time you have or how much adventure you’re looking for.


  • Packed with color photos
  • 17 color maps help you find your way
  • Info on each of the Visitor Centers
  • Recommended activities
  • Cultural history
  • Natural history
  • Festival and event information
  • Local businesses
  • Lodging and dining recommendations

About the authors

Amanda and Robert are siblings and lifelong residents of the New River Gorge. Adventure gypsies at heart, they’ve explored this area since before they could walk — and once they could, well, they went everywhere in the park. From driving up and down the gorge before the New River Gorge Bridge was built, to the early days of rafting, they’ve seen the area grow and change and blossom. They’ve camped on the river, climbed the cliffs, hiked and biked the trails, run the rapids of the New River, and know how to best experience all of it. Together and separately they’ve gone on adventures around the globe and both appreciate that it’s the intersection of people and place that makes traveling to a new destination so rewarding and fun.


  • New River Gorge National Park & Preserve Visitor’s Guide
  • 2022 Wolverine Publishing
  • by Amanda Ashley and Robert Legg
  • 116 full color pages
  • 978-1-938393-433

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