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About the book

The Little River Canyon Climbing Guide is the first ever book dedicated to describing the routes in the beautiful Little River Canyon, near Fort Payne, Alabama. While the climbing style here is known for its steep, tiered roofs, there is also delicate climbing on small holds for the technician. The grades are on the higher end, though, so it may not be suitable for beginners, or those new to the sport. One thing is for sure… climbing on the bullet-hard sandstone of the Little River Canyon is super fun and will challenge even the best climbers.

The Little River Canyon has the distinction of being the nation’s longest mountaintop river. Situated within the Little River Canyon National Preserve, the area is managed by the National Park Service, so expect a few reasonable regulations. The nearest camping is a few miles away, and the area offers plenty of activities other than climbing. You can climb here year-round, even during downpours.

This book has function and style, and is a must-have for any climber visiting LRC. Maps and practical information keep you informed, and color photography, essays and graphics entertain.

About the author

Author Adam Henry is an authority of Little River Canyon climbing. He has been climbing and establishing routes in the canyon for decades, and you can’t help but to appreciate the history of the area after reading the introduction. He lives near cliffs and whitewater in Alabama with his wife and daughter, and prioritizes living a good life above all else.


  • Little River Canyon
  • 2016 Rockery Press
  • According to Adam Henry
  • 336 pages. Color.
  • 9780692727195