About the book

Begin your journey to health today and start by reading and implementing the exercises and tips in Climbing Injuries Solved. Focused on restoring your body to where it was before you began climbing, this text is a must-read to understand common injury patterns. Highlighting common injuries between the shoulder and finger, you’ll be able to form a self-care plan and understand rehab for many common climbing injuries including finger tendonitis, pulley injuries, evaluate for shoulder weakness due to rotator cuff injuries, and much more.  Avoiding injuries, and healing them properly when they happen is key to longevity in your climbing.

Dr. Lisa Erikson has produced the definitive climber’s guide to healthy hands, elbows, shoulders, and more. Climbing Injuries Solved not only offers simple exercises (with handy color illustrations) to help you achieve the best results, but will empower you to make the changes. Packed with color photos, you will wonder how you ever climbed without this book!

About the author

Dr. Lisa Erikson is a sports chiropractor based out of Crested Butte, CO who has worked with athletes like Dave Graham, Daniel Woods, and Angie Payne. From 2012-2015, she was the head medical for USA Climbing’s Sport and Bouldering nationals. She also happens to be a dedicated athlete herself, spending time climbing and running.


  • Climbing Injuries Solved
  • 2014 Dr. Lisa Erikson
  • by Dr. Lisa Erikson
  • 215 full-color pages
  • 9780692296646