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Chattrad features the best sandstone trad in the country, bar none.

As the first-ever comprehensive guidebook to Chattanooga trad climbing, Chattrad covers hundreds of never-before-published routes, from multiple never-before-published areas – making Chattrad a guidebook like no other! Journey to this fantastic place with legendary character and guidebook author Rob Robinson.

Chattrad Specs

  • Over 500 color pages
  • Local-born content from Chattanoga climbing pioneer and author, Rob Robinson – as well as many local artists, photographers, and climbers
  • Beautiful, accurate, and easy-to-use layout and design
  • Tons of never-before-published areas, routes, and recommendations
  • Precision area logistics, firsthand route descriptions, and consensus reviews
  • Tons of never-before-seen historic photos and exhaustive insider commentary and essays from the past 30 years of Chattanooga rock climbing

Areas covered in Chattrad

  • Sunset Park
  • Suck Creek
  • Tennessee Wall (T-Wall)
  • Promised Land
  • Big Soddy Gorge

About the author

This isn’t Rob Robinson’s first rodeo writing climbing guidebooks — he’s done four previous guidebooks to the area. He’s the leading authority on climbing in the “Sandstone Belt of the South,” cherry picking bold new lines since 1975. Rob has established over 1000 first ascents in the Chattanooga area and beyond. He has appeared on the cover of Climbing magazine, and has written essays in Climbing and Rock and Ice magazines. Read more about Rob in this 2017 Climbing magazine article. Rob works in real estate, and lives with wife Susan on Signal Mountain, spitting distance from some of his favorite crags.


  • Chattrad
  • 2014 Rockery Press
  • by Rob Robinson
  • 548 pages. Color.
  • 9780692288351